My name is Dima.
I'm a
with 8+ years
Product Designer
of experience.
I like to turn complex business processes into simple interfaces
Largest pharmacy network in Russia, with over 15,000 pharmacies located in more than 60 regions
My impact as Founding Product Designer
2020 — 2022
Many processes within the company were relying with old accounting and communication technologies. My goal was to develop services within a single portal that would streamline communication between internal departments and improve interaction with clients.
Founded and developed a design system that facilitated rapid design and implementation of new solutions
Increased the speed of the company's assortment committee meetings by implementing tools that automate the preparation of presentation materials and streamline the candidate approval system, making the process faster and more efficient.
Increased the speed of claim processing in the partner control department by implementing a unified accounting and communication system.
Increased the speed of accounting for the availability of positions in the partners' assortment by developing a system of regular reporting, which involves a two-stage moderation process conducted by managers.
Reduced the time for creating marketing events that stimulate sales of products by developing a unified system for creating and collecting applications for participation.
Reduced the speed of processing incoming requests for assistance from customers and company employees by developing an internal communication system.
was developed
was developed
I like to develop high-density interfaces
International online bookmaker. The company operates in 93 countries around the world, with over 800,000 bets made daily using MOSTBET.
My impact as Founding Product Designer
2021 — Current
The company has several brands under management, for each of which it develops its own mobile app. My goal was to optimize the design development and implementation of new functionality for all iOS and Android apps.
Founded and developed 5 design systems for 5 projects of company that helps quickly design new mobile applications screens and quickly implement them.
Increased the speed of layout development for one of the company's projects by 60% by implementing an algorithm for adapting previously developed layouts.
Accelerated the processes of setting and coordinating tasks for design team and speed of transferring layouts to developers by implementing a request processing system and a system for storing developed layouts.
1 500+
was developed
I have experience in creating a product from scratch to launch
Learning platform with a motivation system that allowed company employees to gain additional knowledge about products and sales skills.
My impact as Founding Product Designer
The task had a tight deadline for which we needed to develop a mobile application, a web version of the service and an administration system. The MVP included the ability to create and assign training courses with an integrated motivation system.
Accelerated the process of mobile app design by adapting the existing design system with which the team was familiar
Accelerated the process of processing user responses by developing a system of verification and communication
Accelerated the development approval and control process by creating a fully interactive application prototype
I have experience with products for gaming audience
The system of integration of payment for orders in online stores with CS:GO and Dota 2 skins
My impact as Founding Product Designer
The main goal of the project was to create a simple interface that allows businesses to quickly integrate the new payment method and customers to easily understand how to use it. Having analyzed users' fears we developed an intuitive and trustworthy interface.
Founded and developed a design system that facilitated rapid design and implementation of new solutions
Reduced the number of abandoned baskets by 34.3% by analyzing user fears and implementing step-by-step instructions
Accelerated the development approval and control process by creating a fully interactive application prototype
Designed the service's visual style from ground up
I got an experience with crypto projects
Game-Fi NFT project that giving a rewards for watching streams on Twitch
In close collaboration with game designers, I have developed a marketplace for trading and renting NFT, a browser extension and a promotional page of the project
I got my own user experience in crypto as NFT artist
This user perspective enables me to realize what features are most important to consumers in crypto projects and how to make this experience more user-friendly.
From 2021 I have passed all way from creating a wallet to deploying a smart contracts as a regular user.
1/1 arts
was sold
art collections
was created
I want to fill the crypto industry with user-friendly interfaces
I've set a goal for myself to make complex things simple. For this case I have tried to improve Metamask extension interface.
I strongly believe that we should actively develop and simplify interface solutions in web3 projects in order to minimize the entry threshold for new users.
And even in situations where I have no opportunity to influence on any product directly, I try to implement my ideas and bring them to the community.
I have experience with e-commerce products
Marketplace providing a range of clothing and accessories from famous brands with an advanced system of discounts and promotions
My impact as Founding Product Designer
2019 — 2021
I worked closely with the marketing team to develop and test interface solutions and marketing strategies to encourage impulse buying decisions. The most important goal of the design was to maintain a sense of premium, safe and convenient service in the face of heavily discounted merchandise.
Founded and developed a design system that facilitated rapid design and implementation of new solutions
Increased the number of orders made by users within the first 24 hours of registration by 24% by designing and implementing a "Flash Sale" system
Reduced the number of abandoned carts by 13% by implementing a system of notification that the last copy of the selected user's product remains in stock
Designed the service's visual style from ground up
I am always striving for self-improvement and creative thinking
To develop my skill in generating visual solutions for promo pages, in 2019, I challenged myself to quickly create design concepts for promo websites.
As a result of this challenge, I created 35 design concepts in which I used a variety of creative solutions.
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